Open Road

Open Road

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jack's updates, OR, Wifi's a luxury now.

Hi! I'm Jack and this is my first time blogging. So, I haven't exactly reviewed the posts to see what my Mom and Dad have already told you, but, speaking with my Dad, he's saying the next few days are driving days, including 6 of 7 hours today. (But, they just say straight there, so I put on an extra hour, making it 7 to 8 hours of driving) Anyway,  I'll start in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I HAD SOME OF THE BEST RIBS IN THE WORLD!!!!        

After that, we drove up to  Minneapolis, to visit some
friends of my parents, they live on a lake, so we HAD to go kayaking!

So far, my favorite place we visited was Yellowstone, because we saw a bunch of wildlife, like bears, elk, and more bison than I could even TRY to count. It's not the sort of thing you see in Grand Rapids!

And, about my sister.  Two weeks in and I'm already thinking she's evil, but then again, I thought that before I left. We do have a lot of fun playing UNO.  We had a killer match.  Sometimes we ganged up on Dad, but then we had to stop playing because it was almost midnight. A three hour game.

When we're driving, I like to annoy my sister by making funny comments.  My parents don't appreciate that very much.

What I miss the most is my basement. (It has a 109" screen, and enough popcorn for 5 to 6 months, and a candy machine plus like 20 boxes of candy. At least when I left... The house sitter loves it as well. Both Grandpa and Papa are missing our basement too!

What I love the most is when I get time away from everybody. I go in the back of Harvey and read or play games. I got a sweet one-person hammock for my birthday, but it hasn't been warm enough to use it yet. I can't wait to try it out!

Having our whole family together makes me feel happy. I say that now...

I am most looking forward to San Francisco. I get to stay in a hotel. I won't have to make my own bed, both set it up and take it apart. Even though we have TVs, we don't have cable service, but hotels sure do!

We've had a lot of laughs on this trip.  The time I laughed the hardest was when I had 20 cards in UNO, and not a single yellow.

I've learned so much!  Some cool things I've learned about are that not ALL black bears are black. Most are actually cinnamon color.

A quick shout-out to some of my friends, Nate, Danny, Cameron, Bryce and my OM team. I hope you're all reading this. I also hope you're all having a great summer. I'll see you guys at school next year.

               - Jack



  1. I am anxious to hear Katie's side of the story, Jack. But hang in there! I've never seen a black bear except in the zoo. Nor bison. Or elk for that matter. I might look up your address....I like popcorn and big screen TV, too.

  2. Hi jack!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the shout out!!! That was cool. I'm so happy for you this summer. see you in august when we are at cw!!!!!! Danny