Open Road

Open Road

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Divine intervention or plain dumb luck?

Sometimes, when you least expect it, pretty awesome things happen. That's what happened to us in northern Idaho. Go figure.

As we continued our journey in the northern part of the country, Jason discovered this beautiful lake and since it was close to dinner time decided to exit to check it out. He had been admiring the gorgeous views and was the only one doing so since the three of us were napping. We woke up pretty fast when he started calling around to see if there were any campgrounds near the lake and sure enough, he found one. What he "discovered" was actually C'oeur d'Alene, Idaho.  A popular resort town on a huge and beautiful mountain lake that is loved and admired by many, including Barbara Walters! The downtown area? Adorable. The homes? Amazing! The campground? Clean, quiet, right on the lake and they had wifi and showers!!!

After finishing a lovely bottle of Chardonnay with our turkey burgers, we ventured out into town to find huckleberry ice cream - a local favorite.  And, sure enough, across the street from the ice cream shop was a Hitches Unlimited store. Now, you may recall our frustrating bike rack situation.  The bikes are on Toad, attached with dust, gum and using ratchet straps to stabilize and support the rack. At every stop since Minneapolis, we've tried calling the next town we expect to stop at asking if they can put a front hitch on Harvey so we can attach a special bike rack to that. The story is always "We can fit you in in about 2 weeks".  Yeah, that's not going to work.

Anywho, we called the hitch place first thing the next morning, pleaded our case, and our new friend Kevin said he would take a look at Harvey and see what he could do. Sure enough, he said he could design a special hitch, attach it at an angle so we couldn't bottom out on it and he would do it THAT DAY. Seriously, we about cried for joy! That meant that we would be without Harvey for the day, but what a place to be stuck! Boutiques! Lake! Boats! Amusement Park! 80 degrees with no humidity! The travel gods were on our side!

Off to breakfast we went, beaming! We were excited to try the sweet potato hash, since we were in Idaho, for heaven's sake.  When it arrived, I mentioned to our waitress that even though the potatoes were white, they still have a nice sweetness to them. That's when I got schooled.  "REAL sweet potatoes are WHITE.  Yams are orange." Uh, yeah.  We're in Idaho - of course they knew their potatoes.  Felt like an idiot.

Here are pics of the finished product.  Works great! We just need to get used to have more of a nose than a caboose! Kevin - you are our hero!!!

Stay tuned! And again, thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting us even if you think we're nuts. We love your comments both here and on Facebook. Brightens our days! If you have equally nutty friends, feel free to share our blog with them.  The more, the merrier.  Perhaps we can inspire other families to take the plunge!

By the way, we found more snow.  We'll take pictures of it today, but the funniest part of our drive was seeing the 15 foot high snow plow sticks (you know, the little sticks you put on the sides of your driveway to show the snow plow guy where to plow?) Yeah, here, they tower above you.  44 feet of snowfall on average.  Wondering where we are?  Check on us again in a couple of days!!!

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