Open Road

Open Road

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jack's Cool Update OR So many places - So little time

Hi! I’m back!!! Jack here. For this post I’m gonna give you a list of some of the places I’ve been and tell you my favorite thing about that place.

  • I’ll start this off in Yosemite, I would have to say the amazing views from Glacier Point viewing Half Dome, El Capitan, Vernal Falls, (which I also hiked to the top of) as well as many others.
  • Next stop, San Francisco. Definitely Pier 39!!! I could spend HOURS there. But, it’s only a CLOSE second to Alcatraz Island where I met Deirdre Capone, the grand niece to celebrity gangster Al Capone. I was also able to get a signed copy of her book : Uncle Al Capone. It was probably one of the best books I’ve read all trip.
  • After that, we drove down the P.C.H. (Pacific Coast Highway) and spent 3 nights in Morro Bay. Then, we kept driving down to Ventura and stayed at the Ventura Ranch KOA. Very good first impression from KOA! It had a rock wall, pedal carts, and my FAVORITE, a zip line!!!
  • Then, VEGAS!! Surprisingly, Las Vegas, NV has a lot more than gigantic casinos, hotels, and resorts. See the Mob Museum (Just a note, we thought it would take 1- 1 1/2 hours. Set aside 3 Hours!) Or go see the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop home to the hit T.V. show  Pawn Stars. You can also go see a show. We saw Mystere, then ate in a casino buffet. Oh yes, and my friends reading this, I bet you're all wondering: “How’d you get into a casino??”  The  answer is that Federal Law prohibits a minors from gambling, but says nothing about going into a casino. Just stay on the path, and you can’t stop and have your parents tell you how a slot machine works. And bring a watch too because there are no clocks, or windows. Oh, and one last thing about Vegas if you’ve never been, If you do go, you will feel extra energized, and pumped up. That is because I heard that casinos pump extra oxygen into the building. For example, The show ended at 8:30 PM pacific time. It felt like it was 6:30 PM pacific. Once I stepped outside, I almost collapsed I was so tired.
  • Next was the Grand Canyon. It really is GRAND! Of course I hiked! I hiked the Rim Trail with my whole family then a trail that leads into the bottom of the canyon with just my Dad. We even saw a California Condor 3 feet above our heads! Cool, huh?
  • Finally, Shout-out time! Today I’d like to shout out all my grandparents. Grandma, Grandpa thanks for coming to San Francisco with us. Nana, I’d love to send my June letter, just I haven’t seen a mail box since Yellowstone. Papa, I hope you’re feeling better! I also want to shout-out my 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Bedi! Ya know what? Let’s just shout-out ALL of Thornapple Elementary! Also I’d like to shout-out Mrs. Barker. Thank you for all the books!
Thanks for reading!

Hugs, Jack

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  1. Jack,

    Your trip has been over for a while, and you are almost done with your first quarter of 5th grade. I am reading this blog post, and many other posts because I am working on some plans to introduce blogging to your class. I have had classes blog for three years now.
    I am finding myself getting lost in all of the posts because of your family adventures. I am enjoying the voice you and the rest of your family write with and I am amazed as a teacher of writing. There are so many reasons to write, but one of the most real reasons is to record and reflect on experiences, and share them with others. This may seem blah to you, but as a person with an adventurous heart, I have made a connection with your trip. This blog may not interest everyone, but that is not the point. I think the point is to share experiences and those people who will connect with them, make them more memorable, and your experience more valuable in some way. Writing is one way we can connect to the world around us, and allow others to experience joy and wonder by looking at the world through our eyes. What we do and write about may not change the world directly, or in ways that may be written in history books, but it can inspire people to appreciate what is around us and experience them in ways that we do not see ourselves.

    This blog is a lot of fun to read and I am hoping to plan a similar trip with my family. As a matter of fact, I have talked to my best friend (who lives in San Francisco) about doing this, and he and his family are considering joining us. Talk about an adventure! Thank you for sharing this blog, and more importantly, for writing it.