Open Road

Open Road

Monday, May 26, 2014

A great Memorial Day Weekend OR Are we overconfident?

We are in the home stretch at this point. And, it was time to take Harvey and Toad on a little excursion to see just what we don't know. We know that the list is LONG!

So, off we went this past weekend to Ludington to camp, relax and figure out how to make everything work. We left the house in a shambles, but Harvey was sparkling in how neat and organized it was. Jason might consider leaving me if I buy one more storage basket. But, for now, everything has a place. We just know that packing it up for three days doesn't remotely compare to 70, so it's going to be tight.

Toad easily attached to Harvey with all the crazy towing equipment we had to have installed, and the Brake Buddy was actually pretty cool. By the way, it's the law in 47 states that if you tow a car behind an RV, you must have an auxiliary braking system. Who knew? It's a racket because the damn thing cost a fortune!

Arrived in Ludington before dark, and Jason backed in to our spot on the first try! See? This trip is going to be a piece of cake! Nevermind that it was a concrete slab, three times wider than Harvey and completely flat. Making the beds was a pain. We need to convince the kids that sleeping bags CAN be exciting!

Since we're amateurs, we figured having a site with full hook-ups was the way to go. City water, electricity and sewer hook-up. It's camping at it's finest. Never again will we be so lucky. Yosemite will be three nights of boondocking - no NOTHING! A lovely cart drove by every morning to pick up our trash and the pool was amazing. Seriously, a great weekend.

Nothing broke. No sewer seepage.No yelling. All electronics stayed fully charged. Jason prepared amazing meals. We visited with family and friends and had fantastic weather. We are completely overconfident at this point. Even a little rain during our packing up this morning didn't discourage us. We're ready. We just need to tie up some loose ends, and get the house back in order before our Housesitter/Petsitter arrives.

Speaking of, poor MuddPie. He's a wreck. Clearly, he knows that something is up but has no idea his family is leaving him behind for three months. Fortunately, a dear friend will be staying here for the summer and plans to spoil him rotten. He's going to hate it when we get home, undoubtedly, because she is WAY more fun than we are!

Honestly, though, the best part of the weekend was seeing Jason so happy and relaxed. His sabbatical actually started today, so besides a few more calls and emails, he's officially done until September. A truly well-deserved break. The kids are ecstatic to have him home and so am I, as long as he doesn't mess up my schedule! 'Til next time!

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